what our clients are saying . . .

Jennifer is absolutely amazing! She uses the most up-to-date and proven technology. She knows how her technology works and how your body should respond - she told me I would need 10-12 sessions and after 10 sessions about 95% of my hair growth in the area she worked on stopped. I now just go in for touch ups.

Given that you may be exposing some pretty private areas, she makes you feel very comfortable. She is conscious that it can be painful and is patient if you need to take a few breaths! Honestly, this was much less painful than waxing and much less $$$ in the long run!

Appointments are easy to book as she will call or text. She is very flexible as well and can usually take last minute appointments. She has always been very patient with me and my crazy schedule.
— Lindsay S.
Definitely as good as it gets! The intersection of artistry and value! I arrived for my appointment and was ushered into a lovely waiting area. I filled out the basic forms and then Emily took me into her workroom. It was clean and very well lit. Having experienced other places, I found it to be very comforting and clean.

Emily was very aware of my budget and what I wanted to accomplish. She uses a top of the line machine that blows cold air on the area treated and gives a fabulous result! I think the fact that she took the time to go over everything with me and find out what I wanted to accomplish and could afford speaks volumes about her professionalism.
— Jennifer M.
I went to Vanish Laser today and I was well treated and Jennifer knows her job, I would recommend this place.
— Dosia N.
She knows what she is doing ... great job and the price is good too.
— Ann J.
I am truly a satisfied reoccurring customer for about 3 1/2 years now! Nice cozy upscale location and Jennifer is a laser hair removal genius!
— Antwon Y.
Service is top of the line. Jenny is great at what she does.
— Tiffany P.
I went to Vanish for a good year and saw results that I thought could be replicated anywhere. I visited another salon for half the price and it was awful. I am now back at Vanish and very happy to pay the higher price to actually get results.
— J.M.
 Thank You

Thank You

I recommend this place to be PAMPERED by KNOWLEDGEABLE JENNY!!!
— Paula H.
The technician Jennifer is absolutely amazing. I have been going to Vanish Laser (enhanced beauty by j) for 5 years now and I am just as pleased with the service today as I was at my first appointment. If you’re looking for guaranteed results than look no further!
— Geneva H.
Service is top of the line. Jenny is great at what she does.
— Tiffany P.
Really great ... I love it!
— Tynesha C.
I love my ‘laser lady’ Jennifer she’s great, fast and very nice. Thank you.
— Konstanze Z.
I went to Vanish Laser today and I was well treated and Jennifer knows her job. I would recommend this place.
— Dosia N.
I have been dealing with hair issues all my life. When I would shave it would grow back immediately and thicker and darker then before. When I would wax, it was painful and expensive. Even though it would grow back slightly thinner, it would still be dark and I would have to go monthly. When a friend recommended I try laser with Jennifer, I was hesitant. What would be different?

My answer is everything. Working with Jennifer has been amazing. She knows what she’s doing and is thorough and efficient. I am extremely sensitive to pain and Jennifer caters our sessions to that. She lasers at my pace and is very patient. I have gone twice and already see real results. I basically have no hair growth in the places I’ve laser’d. I plan on continuing to laser the majority of my body and I know I’ll be in the best hands with Jennifer. Highly recommended.
— Aviva W.
This place is awesome.
— Cherizard Y.
Jennifer is amazingggggg! She takes her time, she makes you feel very comfortable. Vanish deserves a 6+. The services that are offered are amazing. This is the place to come, look no further!! I’ll be setting my appointment this week to visit Jenn.
— Angela L.
After one chemical peel treatment I became a believer and have since had a deeper peel to treat the melasma that I’ve been plagued with for more than 18 years. Granted as I began to peel, my family was slightly alarmed, but after a few days the skin revealed was considerably lighter. Jenny is a gem and my go to for all things enhanced beauty. THANK YOU!
— Michelle R.